Transforming lives through a healthy microbiome.

Gnubiotics' Yong Miao Gnubiotics' Yong Miao in the laboratory.

Team Gnubiotics

Diverse & Dynamic

To reach our goal of transforming lives through a healthy microbiome, we have assembled a diverse and dynamic management team lead by global scientific and business visionaries.

Yemi _Adesokan

Scientific Advisory Board:

As we strive reach new paradigms in microbiome science, we are supported by a world-class scientific advisory board.



Gnubiotics’ scientific innovation, product excellence and team expertise have been recognized by international prices and awards.

Richard Laube Richard Laube presenting at the Swiss Economic Forum.


Funding Support

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 808639.

project-team Gnubiotics project team on the go.
Gnubiotics Facilities

Gnubiotics offices are located at the Biopôle Start-Lab, a vibrant life sciences community based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Biopôle offers a world-class combination of lab infrastructure, premium workspaces and community engagement bringing science to life.


Our offices are located at StartLab’s co-working office area, which features more than 35 individual organized workspaces, access to meeting rooms, closed personal and company lockers, a kitchenette and a lounge area.

Laboratory infrastructure

StartLab features a fully equipped co-working lab area with 11 stations of 4 individual benches each, 5 shared specialty laboratories (cell culture, centrifugation, PCR, chemistry and bacteriology), 3 shared general services rooms (autoclave/washing, storage and cold room) and access to a remote FabLab.

For more information

Gnubiotics Sciences values collaborations and partnerships. Please, contact us for more information.