Gnubiotics Sciences SA, a swiss biotech dedicated to revolutionizing microbiome health in humans and animals, has secured CHF 2.6 million in a series A1 which included current shareholders and new investors.

In parallel, Gnubiotics has also secured a CHF 787’000 loan from UBS backed by the Canton de Vaud and Swiss Confederation. With this new round of funding and loan, Gnubiotics’ total funds raised add up to CHF 9.5 million.

The new funds will accelerate the commercialization activities of Gnubiotics’ 1st pipeline candidate, AMObiome. AMObiome is an animal milk oligosaccharide biosimilar to be used as a nutritional support for microbiome diversity and crucial for life-long gut health of animals.

About Gnubiotics Sciences SA

Gnubiotics Sciences SA is revolutionizing the microbiome health of humans and animals with a new category of complex molecules: glycans. Gnubiotics’ unique and proprietary technology platform combines the power of chemistry and genomics to develop glycans that are proving to have unparalleled efficacy in restoring microbiome equilibrium, enabling the host to harness its power.