GNUbiotics Sciences is a biotech company committed to creating complex and diverse milk oligosaccharide biosimilars clinically demonstrated to modulate the microbiome in humans and animals, naturally.

GNUbiotics first milk oligosaccharide biosimilar, AMObiome™ for animal nutrition has been developed and registered for commercial use in the EU.

VISION : Accelerate Metabolic Health by restoring gut equilibrium, naturally

Mission: Develop next generation Milk Oligosaccharides beneficial in establishing healthy microbiome via selective modulation.

Goals: Commercialize natural oligosaccharides biosimilar ingredients or supplements for animal, human and medical nutrition.

Key Biological functions of Natural Milk Oligosaccharides:

  1. Growing of beneficial bacteria
  2. Intelligent moderation of pathogens in the gut
  3. Fortifying gut wall through glycan deposition
  4. Immune system modulation

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Oligosaccharides are found in mammal milk and are composed of highly complex and diverse structures. These structures in nature are conjugated to peptides and are fundamental for proper biological function.

Different strategies exist to manipulate the microbiota and GNUbiotics leverages mechanisms inspired by nature; mother’s milk. GNUbiotics puts nature’s principles in novel and complex formulations to manage the gut health of humans and animals

GNUbiotics milk oligosaccharides biosimilars travel undigested to the lower part of digestive tract to deliver all 4 biological functions contributing to an improved gastrointestinal immune system.

GNUbiotics ingredients are 100% natural (no GMO), structurally rich and effective.


AMObiome™ is a patent-pending Animal Milk Oligosaccharides biosimilar designed to Develop, Protect and Restore the microbiome of pets and production animals naturally.

Inspired by nature, AMObiome™ acts at different levels in the gut providing a synergy of benefits:

    • DEVELOP: AMObiome™ uniquely replicates mothers’ milk with its palatability, complexity and diversity. Its structural richness seeds the ground for the development of a healthy gut microbiota and participates in a fortified mucosal immunity.
    • PROTECT: AMObiome™ complex structural diversity keeps pathogens in check, strengthens the gut wall and maintains the microbiome in a healthy state.
    • RECOVER: AMObiome™ facilitates the restoration of a healthy microbiome. Its unique composition supports the production of beneficial metabolites and promotes the growth of a broad range of vital commensals that are affected in a disrupted microbiome.

Our milk oligosaccharides complex ingredients are science-based and IP protected.
Potential applications for our technology platform include functional food, medical food and dietary supplement.

Candidates Indications Discovery Pre Clinical Efficacy Market Authorization
AMObiome™ Companion animal gut health (pets)
Husbandry (production animals)
GBX Infant Nutrition1
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)1
IBD / Crohn’s Disease
GCX Skin care
1. The development objective is to achieve US FDA GRAS status and the EU novel food status.

Richard T. Laube
Co-founder and Chairman

Jean-Philippe Kunz
Co-founder & CEO

Yemi Adesokan, PhD
Co-founder & CSO

Bernardo Horta e Costa
Co-founder & CFO

Yong Miao, PhD
Analytics & Development Manager

Romain Wyss, PhD, PMP
Project Manager

Sara Vidal, PhD
Research Scientist, Microbiology


Philippe Steenhout, MD Ped
Director, Medical Affairs

Prof. Dr. Kelly

Prof. Dr. Justin

Prof. Dr. Dirk


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 808639


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