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Unlocking the therapeutic potential of glycopeptides

Pioneering breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy, delivering glycopeptide conjugates to engage multi-targeted T-cells and overcoming traditional immunotherapy limitations.
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Modulating the microbiome towards a symbiotic state

Glycopeptide-based innovation

Addressing biology's most challenging problems by harnessing the power of glycopeptides, we have the unique ability to modulate the innate immune system while simultaneously affecting and modulating the microbiome towards a symbiotic state. This exceptional and differentiated property of our glycopeptides allows us to tackle diseases related to the immune system. We employ a sustainable approach to asset development, ensuring a lasting impact on patients' lives.


Our proprietary GLAAD platform, with over 20 filed patents, serves as the bedrock of their scientific advancements.  

our vision

Transforming lives through innovative glycopeptide therapeutics

Proprietary GLAAD platform

Delivery of glycopeptide conjugates to steer a multi-targeted, yet tumor-specific, T-cell response

Emphasizing its potential to overcome the transient and heterogeneous responses observed with traditional immunotherapies.
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Addressing a substantial unmet need

Responding to challenges in oncology through a novel mechanism of action
The glycopeptides developed address critical areas characterized by substantial unmet clinical needs, most notably PD-1 resistant CRC [Micro-satellite Stable (MSS)]. These domains represent significant challenges with limited treatment options and poor outcomes, as evidenced by the alarming 85% non-response rate to standard immunotherapy observed. Gnubiotics' glycopeptides hold the promise of transforming the landscape of cancer treatment, presenting a unique opportunity to disrupt the status quo and deliver groundbreaking solutions to patients in desperate need.
The primary objective is to expedite the development of GNU101, a potential blockbuster therapeutic asset, towards an Innovative New Drug (IND) submission to the prestigious US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for PD-1 resistant colorectal cancer. Within this therapeutic area, there exists a substantial unmet need, making it a compelling market for investment.

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our innovations

Revolutionizing cancer treatment with precision

GLAAD Candidate GNU-101
A glycopeptide-based immuno-modulator asset demonstrating compelling preclinical anti-tumor activity. It's potential is as a standalone therapy or in combination with PD-1 inhibitors to address unmet needs in PD1-resistant colorectal cancer.

Companion Animal Health

A healthy microbiome is critical to your pet's long term health

Gnubiotics was among the first to recognize that our pets’ health and vitality are greatly influenced by the state of their gastro-intestinal microbiome. Roughly 1/3 of veterinarian visits are for gastro-intestinal problems such as diarrhea and intestinal inflammation, often correlated with imbalances in the microbiome.


Like humans, our pets’ microbiome sends vital signals to the body. It consists of billions of bacteria, fungi, virus and other microbes, performing many vital functions, especially acting as a first line of defense for immune protection. However, the microbiome is fragile and easily damaged by antibiotic treatment, unbalanced and monotone diets or changes in lifestyle (e.g. weaning).


Until recently there has been little we could do to restore the microbiome to a state of health.

Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMOs)

We believe that breast milk is nature’s solution to create a healthy microbiome for puppies and kittens at birth.


Mammal breast milk contains Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMOs), a diverse set of non-digestible glycans that are critical to establish and support the microbiome, immune system and strengthen the gut barrier.


For pet owners and veterinarians, AMObiome Forte is being developed as a pioneering supplement to help form, maintain and restore your cat’s and dog’s microbiome utilizing AMO’s biosimilars*, essential for their microbiome and long term health.


AMObiome Forte will come in an easy-to-use sachet containing AMOs specifically designed for dogs and cats’ microbiome.

REVELAbiome Microbiome Monitoring Test

Designed for pet owners and veterinarians alike who aim to recognize signs of suboptimal health early, REVELAbiome is an easy-to-use at-home microbiome monitoring test that reveals the unique fingerprint of your pet’s microbiome.


With REVELAbiome, you see the microbiome and obtain actionable and clear recommendations on how to influence it and thus support the health of your pet.


Harnessing nature for health and planet

We are pioneers in the fields of glycobiology and genetics, we delve into unique ecosystems and reservoirs to recover highly diverse glycans from material found in the world's environments. Through meticulous collection, analysis, and upcycling, we have built the largest library of novel glycopeptides, forming a toolbox that addresses key unmet needs in both human and animal health. This vast repository of conjugated peptides empowers us to develop life-saving and curative therapeutics with unparalleled safety profiles.

We embrace sustainability as a guiding principle in its asset development. By harnessing the natural reservoirs of conjugated peptides found in diverse environments, we tap into nature's wisdom and minimize our impact on the environment. This sustainable approach aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions in the biotech industry, setting us apart as a company that not only improves human and animal health but also demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of our planet.

Our business

Advancing cancer treatment through glycopeptide innovation

We are dedicated to unlocking the therapeutic potential of naturally occurring glycopeptides, exploring their efficacy in addressing unmet clinical needs. With our groundbreaking GLAAD platform, we have unveiled glycopeptide structures displaying exceptional safety and efficacy profiles. This has led to the development of GNU101, a glycopeptide-based immunomodulator asset, that demonstrates compelling preclinical anti-tumor activity, both as a standalone therapy and in combination with PD-1 inhibitors.

Dedication to understanding the power of glycopeptides: By modulating the innate immune system and microbiome for improved health outcomes.

The potential of multi-targeted t-cell engagement: Our proprietary GLAAD platform enables the delivery of glycopeptide conjugates to steer a multi-targeted yet tumor-specific T-cell response.

Leadership Team

Driving breakthroughs with experience and expertise


Richard Laube
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

  • 5 years at Nobel Biocare AG as CEO.
  • 5 years at Nestle SA as CEO Nestle Nutrition.
  • 6 years at Roche Pharmaceuticals as CEO Roche Consumer Health.
  • 19 years at Procter & Gamble from Brand Management to General Management.
  • Board positions include; Logitech, Atkins/Simply Good Foods Company, Glanbia, Piqur Therapeutics.


Dr. Yemi Adesokan
Co-Founder, CEO ,CSO & Board Member

  • Post-doc Harvard Medical School (George Church Lab)
  • PhD Physical Chemistry (UC Irvine)
  • Co founder, board member and CEO / CSO Gnubiotics
  • CEO Pathogenica
  • Authored +30 patent applications
  • Authored +30 peer reviewed publications


Bernardo Horta e Costa
Co-Founder, CFO & Board Member  

  • 1 year at Altium Capital as M&A associate
  • 2.5 years at Haitong Bank as M&A associate
  • 2 years at EDP Renewables as project finance
  • 2.5 years at PWC as strategy consultant


James Rothman, PhD
Senior Advisor

  • The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
  • The Kavli Prize for Neuroscience
  • The E.B. Wilson Medal
  • Chair of the Department of Cell Biology at Yale University


John Baldoni, PhD
Senior Advisor

  • Ph.D. from Penn State University in biological chemistry
  • Senior Vice President of Platform Technology and Science on GSK’s R&D Executive Team


Dr. Kate Knobil, M.D.
Senior Advisor

  • Chief Medical Officer for Agilent Technologies
  • Former CMO of Kaleido Biosciences & GlaxoSmithKline
  • BA from Cornell University & M.D. from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

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