Richard T. La  (Co-founder and Chairman). Richard brings to GNUbiotics an immense wealth of corporate leadership experience, having served as CEO of Nobel Biocare, CEO of Nestlé Nutrition and CEO of Roche Consumer Health.

 Jean-Philippe Kunz (Co-founder & CEO). Jean-Philippe is leading GNUbiotics by drawing on his 25 years’ international sale and business dev experience in consumer goods, pharmacy, nutrition and healthcare.

Yemi Adesokan, PhD (Co-founder & CSO). Yemi is the award winning scientific driving force behind GNUbiotics. He matches his scientific knowledge with a deep understanding of how early stage start-ups in the biotech and nutrition sector operate.

Bernardo Horta e Costa (Co-founder & CFO).  Prior to co-founding Gnubiotics, Bernardo was an investment banker and a consultant. Throughout his career, he has worked on both buy and sell side transactions in several industries such as Chemicals, Agribusiness, TMT, Healthcare, Biotech and Food and Beverage across Europe, the US and LatAm.

Yong Miao, PhD (Analytics & Development Manager). Senior scientist R&D Chemistry with extensive experiences in carbohydrate, polymer chemistry and purification method. He brings his experience in product development in food&nutrition industry.

Romain Wyss, PhD, PMP (Project Manager). Romain brings his project management experience gained in the global health arena and expertise in basic sciences to drive GNUbiotics’ pipeline development and delivery of innovative solutions to the nutrition market.

Sara Vidal, PhD (Research Scientist, Microbiology). Research scientist in microbiology with extensive experience in microbiome research and molecular biology.


Philippe Steenhout, MD Ped  (Director, Medical Affairs). Expert in paediatric nutrition and gut microbiome. Philippe has more than 25 years with Nestlé Nutrition brings an immense knowledge of medical and clinical development to GNUbiotics.

Prof. Dr. Kelly Swanson is a world renown expert in companion animal nutrition, nutrigenomics and microbiomics. His research is focused on the effects of nutritional intervention on health outcomes, identifying mechanisms by which nutrients impact gastrointestinal microbiota, host gene expression, and host physiology, with primary emphasis on gastrointestinal health and obesity.

Prof. Dr. Justin Sonnenburg. Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford Medical School; Co-Director at Center for Human Microbiome Studies.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Haller, Director at the Institute for Food & Health (ZIEL); Chair for Nutrition and Immunology at the Technical University of Munich; Scientist at Nestlé Research Center; Lausanne, Switzerland.