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Unlock the Healing Potential of the Microbiome

Yemi Adesokan leading a science innovation meeting Yemi Adesokan leading a science innovation meeting.

Microbiome basics

Our microbiome consists of billions of microbes most of which are found in our intestine. It sends messages throughout our bodies that are essential for our health and wellbeing.

The microbiome is possibly our most fragile organ, easily disrupted and damaged. A damaged microbiome can lead to common symptoms we have all experienced, such as bloating, diarrhea, or worse, chronic inflammation to name a few.

While there has been a scientific revolution in understanding the microbiome and the role it plays in our daily health, there has been little progress in finding solutions which repair and heal an imbalanced microbiome.

Nature provides a solution to develop and form the microbiome in infants, puppies and kittens through complex glycans found in breast milk. Gnubiotics has been able to mimic nature’s magic and healing abilities to maintain and restore the microbiome.

“There has been little progress in finding solutions which repair and heal an imbalanced microbiome”

Gnubiotics products

Unique diversity of glycans in Gnubiotics products.

A breakthrough in replicating nature’s magic

Gnubiotics was founded to apply a unique scientific understanding that nature is a reservoir of diverse glycans endowed with the potential to restore, renew and repair the microbiome.

We have developed the ability to recreate the unique diversity of glycan structures found in breast milk, nature’s perfect food.

From this foundational understanding, Gnubiotics has applied its proprietary technology to develop a broadening pipeline of product candidates. Our pipeline candidates are designed to mimic the complex glycan structures found in the breast milk of cats, dogs and humans with the goal of forming, maintaining and restoring microbiome health for life.

A unique technology platform

Gnubiotics’ technology platform has excelled beyond product development and analytical capabilities to produce its natural glycan-based products at multi-ton scale. Our first-in-class technology platform is anchored on three pillars:

Analytics Analytics

Develop and design products based on unparalleled analytical capabilities and precision.

Development Efficacy

Track product efficacy using ultra-high-resolution sequencing technologies within the framework of robust clinical studies.


Industrialize production of glycans at the highest quality standards.

The Gnubiotics platform enables us to bring an unrivalled source of natural, diverse and scientifically proven glycans into functional microbiome-centric products at industrial scale that target unmet needs in multiple conditions and diseases.

Scientific approach

Gnubiotics advances its candidates through an efficient stage-gate pathway that de-risks and optimizes the pipeline. Our pipeline candidates are initially developed under the food regulation that enables a rapid path to first-in-human clinical studies. Therapeutic candidates are then developed further following drug regulations.

Gnubiotics will soon be starting preclinical trials of its first products designed for human therapeutic applications.

Sourcing process


  • Growth of desirable bacteria
  • No growth of pathogens


  • Genotoxicity battery
  • Sub-chronic study


  • Microbiome diversity
  • Positive microbial response
  • Metabolite production

Animal Models

  • Microbiota modulation
  • Efficacy markers

Clinical Studies

  • Safety & Tolerability
  • Microbiota structure & function
  • Efficacy markers


  • Evidence of safety, quality and efficacy.

Products & Pipeline Candidates

The desire to enable a precise modulation of the microbiome with specific clinical benefits has stimulated our development of product candidates based on an ensemble of diverse and complex glycans that precisely and safely heal the microbiome.

Our candidates are novel, innovative and uniquely positioned to succeed as they:

  • demonstrate utmost precision in their mode of actions by using a natural reservoir of safe, efficacious and extraordinary diverse glycans
  • are available at or readily amenable to industrial scale thanks to our established manufacturing capabilities and sustainable supply chain
  • target the resident microbiome as opposed to adding foreign bacteria, thus resulting in a safer, more robust modulation.

Our Pipeline:

Candidates & Indications
Companion Animal - Nutrition
Companion Animal - Health
Human - Supportive Care
GNUbiome FI

Companion Animal Nutrition

Canine & Feline
GNUbiome FI

Post-antibiotic microbiome recovery

Canine & Feline
GNUbiome FI

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


AMR infection

CRE, ESBL, VRE, MDR P. aeruginosa

Inflammatory & Metabolic



Colorectal cancer


Gnubiotics products

Patent Filings

Gnubiotics has two patents issued and an additional thirteen patent filings under review and pending.

Please contact Gnubiotics for more information.

Scientific publications & References

Our product candidates are supported by scientific publications involving members of the Gnubiotics team and by third-party evidence.

Companion animal

Microbiome modulation & detection in humans

Complex Glycans: Support the microbiome & fight infectious diseases

Complex Glycans: An opportunity to fight cancer

Complex Glycans: Maintain gut immunity

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