LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 15, 2022 — Gnubiotics Sciences, a biotech company pioneering immunomodulatory glycopeptides, today announced an agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to explore combining CAR-T therapy with Gnubiotics’ GLAAD technology to enhance efficacy in solid tumors through company-sponsored pre-clinical research studies in the laboratory of Avery Posey, PhD, an assistant professor of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics at the Perelman School of Medicine at Penn. Gnubiotics presented compelling data recently at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting showing the effect of its glycopeptides platform in driving directed and robust T-cell immune responses against PD-1 resistant solid tumors in a colorectal cancer mouse model.

While CAR-T has been effective in treating certain blood cancers, numerous studies have shown that many solid tumors do not respond well to CAR-T therapy. “We are excited about the promise of combining CAR-T with glycopeptide strategies like our GLAAD platform which will hopefully lead to the application of new modalities for patients left with few alternative treatments,” stated Yemi Adesokan, Ph.D., Gnubiotics’s Chief Executive Officer.


Glycopeptides are the foundation of Gnubiotics’ GLAAD molecules. GLAAD relies on glycopeptides as providers of antigenicity and adjuvanticity to the immune system. Gnubiotics’ GLAAD candidates are made of a range of glycans uniquely bound to peptides and can act directly on immune cells and modulate the microbiome. Combined, these modes of action influence the immune system responses which opens new ways to address areas where the immune system plays a role, including oncology, inflammatory and infectious diseases.


Yemi Adesokan, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Source: Gnubiotics Sciences SA


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