Lausanne, Switzerland, November 20, 2019
GNUbiotics Sciences announces a strategic agreement with Evonik Nutrition & Care to manufacture GNUbiotics’ Animal Milk Oligosaccharide, AMObiome™. First-in-class Animal Milk Oligosaccharide AMObiome™ to respond to the increasing demand for natural break-through products for companion and production animal health.

Evonik Nutrition & Care and GNUbiotics Sciences SA today announced that they have entered into an agreement under which Evonik will manufacture AMObiome ™™, a critical missing nutritional component that restores natural symbiosis in pets and livestock animals with microbiota imbalance.

This strategic partnership underlines the benefits of a startup company with an innovative technology partnering with a CMO leader with the right competencies and assets to streamline the path towards commercial launch of the highest quality product.

“At GNUbiotics, we’re passionate about translating innovation into benefits for companion and production animals. AMObiome ™ is first in das product to restore animal microbiota naturally” said Jean-Philippe Kunz, CEO at GNUbiotics.

Pre-clinical studies of AMObiome ™ have shown the selective promotion of key commensal microbes such as Lactobacillus spp, Akkermansia spp, Bacteriodes spp and Megamonas while intelligently moderating potential pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella.

With the first commercial lots successfully manufactured by Evonik, GNUbiotics has initiated two clinical trials with AMObiome ™ in cats and dogs known as RESILIENT1 and MOTIVATE1 that are based on guidelines set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These trials plus those in partnerships involve up to 300

“We are excited about the partnership with Evonik as it allows us to manufacture our novel AMO to the highest production standards as we begin commercialization” said Yemi Adesokan, CSO at GNUbiotics “We are pleased to support GNUbiotics by applying our technical expertise and industrial capabilities to enable the scale up and commercialization of AMObiome™. said, Dr. Jean-Luc Herbeaux, SVP and General Manager of the Evonik business line Health Care. “As a market leading CDMO in pharma and food ingredients, Evonik is committed to
supporting customers of all sizes in industrializing their technologies.”

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