Effective immediately Yemi Adesokan, PhD is promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Gnubiotics Sciences in addition to his current role as Chief Scientific Officer. Yemi was the primary founder of Gnubiotics in 2016 and has developed into an excellent leader during the past five years, guiding Gnubiotics ‘ innovation and customer development activities. Yemi received his PhD from the University of California – Irvine in Physical Chemistry and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard Medical School in Genetics.

“I am excited about capturing the enormous opportunities available to Gnubiotics  in this rapidly emerging field of microbiome-targeted therapies and applications. The Gnubiotics team is highly qualified and capable of delivering break through results in helping to diagnose, form, restore, treat and develop the microbiome in both humans and companion animals.  Our glycan based approach and diagnostic platforms are cutting edge in the industry and we are at the threshold of meaningful commercial applications.” Said Yemi.

“It is a pleasure working with Yemi and seeing him grow both professionally and scientifically at Gnubiotics during the past five years.  I have full confidence that Yemi is ideally suited from both his subject matter expertise and his leadership skills to guide Gnubiotics to reach its full potential for many years to come” Said Richard Laube, Executive Chairman of Gnubiotics Sciences.


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Since 2016, Gnubiotics has been working to solve microbiome-related health conditions by applying our understanding of nature’s principles.

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