Gnubiotics Sciences has raised CHF 2.3 million through convertible debt with private investors and seeks to commercialise its first product candidate. The Valais based biotech is developing a platform to commercialize microbiome modulating products for the functional and medical nutrition markets.

In response to the rising demand for healthier foods, Gnubiotics is developing functional and structural mimics of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) for the consumer health market. The startup’s products reproduce the natural diversity and complexity of HMOs which have been shown to be beneficial in preventing the onset of gut infection and protect against the effect of antibiotic use.

Once consumed, the GNUbiotics ingredient in the food or the milk travels intact through the stomach to the gut. While there, its unique diversity helps it find and feed specific good bugs in the microbiome. It then balances the microbiome by selectively promoting the good bugs and starving the bad bugs. This reinforces the immune defences, calms gut inflammations and transforms stored fats for elimination.

Currently, Gnubiotics has two product in the pipeline. Its first product candidate GNU 100 addresses the obesity problem among pets. It protects the gut from external aggressions hence preventing excessive weight gain. The second product is the GNU 200, a natural ingredient with a high structural diversity that mimics Human Milk Oligosaccharide. This is targeted at infant formula manufacturers to address digestive issues due to the lack of natural sugar-diversity in infant formula.

The first product has already gone through safety studies and is ready for the industrial scale up. Thanks to the raised CHF 2.3 million from private investors and an additional CHF 1.7 million seek for early 2018 Gnubiotics will fully develop and commercialize first candidate late 2019.

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Since 2016, Gnubiotics has been working to solve microbiome-related health conditions by applying our understanding of nature’s principles.

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