Gnubiotics is one of only 10 companies, from over 70 applicants, to be part of the Swiss National Startup Team’s Venture Leaders Biotech 2021 program. During Autumn 2021 Gnubiotics will showcase its innovative microbiome capabilities to investors and industry leaders in North America, Asia and Europe with the objective of attracting partners and investors to further the company’s development. Gnubiotics is focused on two pillars of microbiome innovation, firstly determining proprietary biomarkers for disease states of and associated with the microbiome and secondly developing proprietary products applying complex and diverse glycans to form, repair, treat and maintain a healthy microbiome in both humans and companion animals.

About Venture Leader Biotech 2021

Venture Leaders Biotech 2021 is an initiative by Venturelab, a Swiss government supported organization to promote innovative Swiss startups to relevant international investors and companies with the objective of further developing Swiss startups to achieve their business goals.  Since 2004 Venturelab has supported 90% of Swiss startups with various programs, Venture Kick, 100 Top Swiss Startups Award and Venture Leaders programs.  Venturelab Alumni have attracted over CHF 5 billion in investments.

About Gnubiotics Sciences

Founded in 2016, Gnubiotics Sciences has been rapidly developing its two pillars of microbiome innovation toward commercialization.  Applying its proprietary sequencing technology, Gnubiotics is systematically identifying microbiome biomarkers correlated with disease states in humans and companion animals.  The company recently received a patent grant on Leanness and Obesity biomarkers in dogs. Gnubiotics’ second pillar of innovation is applying its unique knowledge of glycans, glycopeptides and oligosaccharides developing a range of proprietary products clinically demonstrating their ability to modulate the microbiome to form, treat, repair and maintain a healthy microbiome.

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Since 2016, Gnubiotics has been working to solve microbiome-related health conditions by applying our understanding of nature’s principles.

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