Gnubiotics describes its Glycan Microbiome Modulators platform in the Magazine Ingredients Insight and how the company is taking inspiration from nature to develop and commercialize glycans to modulate the microbiome and improve overall health of humans and animals, naturally.

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Gnubiotics is a Swiss biotech company that supplies breakthrough nutritional ingredients to potentially modulate the human gut microbiome. It develops a pipeline of products that contain over 300 HMO biosimilars in order to follow nature in using a complex and diverse solution for a very complex and diverse target.

Human breast milk is loaded with over 200 different indigestible oligosaccharides. These oligosccahrides help babies develop by nurturing the right balance of bacteria in their guts, which in turn enables the growing baby to create energy and manage its immune system to fight off both inflammation and infection. Gnubiotics believes that the complexity and diversity of human milk oligosaccharides is the missing link between dysbiois, the effects of which includes propensity for infections and a healthy symbiotic state.

Its product pipeline is based on the natural complexity, diversity and functionality of human milk oligosaccharides, which is critical for supporting microbiome restoration from infancy to adulthood. Its goal is to take advantage of natural mechanisms to support the production of beneficial metabolites and promote the growth of a broad range of vital commensals that are affected in an imbalanced intestinal tract, thus helping the restoration, protection and continued development of the microbiome. The company believes that understanding, deciphering and replicating nature’s way of maintaining overall human health should be central to its pipeline and products.

Nature’s way

Microbiome health diversity, driven by HMOs, is key to the long term gastrointestinal health of infants and adults. Gnubiotics HMO biosimilars, and its diverse formulation, is a unique solution with a goal towards providing broad gut and microbiome benefits, according to natures principles.

Restore microbiome diversity, naturally.

Inspired by nature, GNUbiotics® produces unique biosimilars containing over 200 glycans, which enable a microbiome with high diversity, critical in infants and adults.

Unlike simple oligosaccharides, our ingredient brings the complexity and functionalities of glycan naturally found in mammalian milk.

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Since 2016, Gnubiotics has been working to solve microbiome-related health conditions by applying our understanding of nature’s principles.

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