Dr. Yemi Adesokan, CSO of GNUbiotics Sciences SA, is presenting at Microbiome Movement Animal Health & Nutrition in Saint-Louis and shares his insights on the relevance of microbiome research and development for animal health and nutrition as part of a speaker interview.

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Dr. Yemi Adesokan is Chief Scientific Officer at Gnubiotics SA, a Lausanne, Switzerland based biotech company. Yemi has been recognized for his innovative and pioneering work with awards such as the 2012 Boston Business Journal 40 under 40 award and the 2011 MIT Technology Review’s annual list of 35 top global innovators under the age of 35 TR35. Yemi has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Genetics at Harvard Medical School.


Q: Please tell us how and to what capacity are you involved with research and product development in the animal microbiome space.

We, at Gnubiotics, are passionate about translating innovation into benefits for companion and production animals. It is fascinating to see how the microbiome field is progressing and, together with our partners, we are definitely proud to contribute to this burgeoning amount of great research that is happening at the moment in the community.

At a microlevel Gnubiotics has innovated in our understanding of key mechanisms of action related to efficacy and at a macro level we have also achieved ton-scale product manufacturing of our complex products. Our first products have emerged from our company vision which is a firm belief in nature’s way of achieving gut symbiosis. Our efforts in the development of natural products continue with a variety of trials underway. As we continue to apply nature’s principles, we look forward to seeing our products in companion and also production animals globally.

Q: Why should the livestock and companion animal communities be excited about learnings from the role of the microbiome in animal health and nutrition?

There is no single day without a new study telling the world that we should care about the microbes that live with us. As humans, we definitely benefit from them. The same is valid for livestock and companion animals. As we at Gnubiotics further understand the underlying principles unique to a healthy animal microbiome, we continue in our quest to develop innovative ways to maintain, develop, protect and in some cases restore the microbiome.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest bottleneck holding animal microbiome R&D progress back from success?

The field has already achieved a lot. Researchers are now equipped with analytical methods enabling the community to consolidate its knowledge of the microbiome composition and function at an unprecedented pace. With that said, we need to go beyond correlation, seek for causation and further elucidate the mechanism of action. To create value for end users, effective microbiome modulation strategies are required. Despite its challenges, the field is progressing from classical prebiotics or probiotics to far more complex molecules like GNU100 that more accurately express what we see in nature.

Q: What one development or breakthrough would you like to see that will change the face of microbiome R&D for animal health and nutrition?

The emergence of functional microbiomics to more accurately quantify product utility would unify and eventually change the face of microbiome R&D for animal health and nutrition. Our approach to understanding the broad utility of our novel generation of products is part of this process as we continue to apply innovative scientific techniques to underscore the uniqueness of our products.

Q: Going into the 2nd Microbiome Movement – Animal Health & Nutrition Summit, what do you hope to achieve as part of this dedicated community?

We believe that the complexity and diversity of animal milk oligosaccharides are the missing link between dysbiosis brought on by a variety of environmental stresses and natural symbiosis. Our product is differentiated in that, for the first time, a commercially available product brings the complexity, diversity and functionality of sugars naturally present in animal milk. At Gnubiotics, we believe that understanding and deciphering nature’s way of maintaining the animal’s overall health should be core to R&D as well as product development efforts. This summit is a great platform for us to convey this message.

To see Yemi’s full talk details at the 2nd Microbiome Movement – Animal Health & Nutrition Summit, please visit the website and download the full event guide: www./microbiome-animal.com.

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