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A Healthy Microbiome is Critical to your Pet's Long Term Health


Gnubiotics was among the first to recognize that our pets’ health and vitality are greatly influenced by the state of their gastro-intestinal microbiome. Roughly 1/3 of veterinarian visits are for gastro-intestinal problems such as diarrhea and intestinal inflammation, often correlated with imbalances in the microbiome.

Like humans, our pets’ microbiome sends vital signals to the body. It consists of billions of bacteria, fungi, virus and other microbes, performing many vital functions, especially acting as a first line of defense for immune protection. However, the microbiome is fragile and easily damaged by antibiotic treatment, unbalanced and monotone diets or changes in lifestyle (e.g. weaning).

Until recently there has been little we could do to restore the microbiome to a state of health.

Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMOs)

At Gnubiotics we believe that breast milk is nature’s solution to create a healthy microbiome for puppies and kittens at birth.

Mammal breast milk contains Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMOs), a diverse set of non-digestible glycans that are critical to establish and support the microbiome, immune system and strengthen the gut barrier.

AMOs fortify the microbiome in three key functional areas:

Support growth of essential bacteria.

Control undesirable bacteria.

Promote metabolites essential for strengthening the gut lining, reducing inflammation and ensuring optimum immune system function.

Animal Milk

Inspired by nature, Gnubiotics has pioneered the development of first-in-class products that contain AMOs biosimilars empowering you to maintain and restore the balance of your pet’s microbiome, thus improving its overall health and vitality.

GNUbiome FI

GNUbiome FI

Bring your company to the pet microbiome revolution with GNUbiome FI, a functional nutritional ingredient that contains AMO biosimilars* delivering all their benefits to pets.

GNUbiome FI was specifically developed to enable pet care/food companies to tap into the emerging microbiome revolution delivering differentiated and scientifically proven products for pets.

It comes in powder form that can be added to dry or wet formulas or manufactured into a supplement.

GNUbiome FI is currently available for sale in the EU, UK, and Switzerland.

* In the form of natural and diverse active glycans as glycopeptides, biosimilar in structure and functionality to the Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMO) found in cats and dogs’ milk.

Learn more about how GNUbiome FI can help your company in the microbiome journey.

AMObiome Forte

For pet owners and veterinarians, AMObiome Forte is being developed as a pioneering supplement to help form, maintain and restore your cat’s and dog’s microbiome utilizing AMO’s biosimilars*, essential for their microbiome and long term health.

AMObiome Forte is being developed with a proprietary mix of AMOs biosimilars* and other functional ingredients especially designed to maintain and restore balance to the microbiome, causing it to flourish as nature intended, helping your beloved animal to stay active and fit.

AMObiome Forte will come in an easy-to-use sachet containing AMOs specifically designed for dogs and cats’ microbiome.

* In the form of natural and diverse active glycans as glycopeptides, biosimilar in structure and functionality to the Animal Milk Oligosaccharides (AMO) found in cats and dogs’ milk.


AMObiome Forte will initially be available in the EU, UK and Switzerland.
Learn more about how AMObiome Forte can help your pet’s microbiome flourish.

REVELAbiome Microbiome Monitoring Test


The microbiome revolution was unseen to the human eye… until now! Each pet’s microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint.

Designed for pet owners and veterinarians alike who aim to recognize signs of suboptimal health early, REVELAbiome is an easy-to-use at-home microbiome monitoring test that reveals the unique fingerprint of your pet’s microbiome.

With REVELAbiome, you see the microbiome and obtain actionable and clear recommendations on how to influence it and thus support the health of your pet.


REVELAbiome will be available in a select number of European markets end 2021/early 2022. Learn more about how REVELAbiome can facilitate making appropriate health management decisions.

Products & Pipeline Candidates

Candidates & Indications
Companion Animal - Nutrition
Companion Animal - Health
GNUbiome FI

Companion Animal Nutrition

Canine & Feline
GNUbiome FI

Post-antibiotic microbiome recovery

Canine & Feline
GNUbiome FI

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Scientific publications & References

Our product and pipeline candidates are supported by scientific publications involving members of the Gnubiotics team and by third-party evidence.

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