Gnubiotics is a biotech company specialized in producing glycans to modulate the microbiome of humans and animals, naturally.

Glycans are one of the four building blocks of life. Diversity and complexity of glycans are nature’s way to maintain a healthy microbiome, thus improving well-being.

Restoring microbiome diversity, naturally

Vision: Improve health by unlocking the benefits of the microbiome.

Mission: Produce glycans to naturally promote microbiome health and symbiosis.

four Key Biological functions of Natural glycans:

  1. Feeds desirable bacteria
  2. Keeps harmful microbes in check
  3. Fortifies natural barriers
  4. Supports the immune system
Glycan Microbiome Modulators platform
The missing link for a healthy microbiome

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The microbiome is a complex ecosystem made of diverse microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi) that is shaped by the close interaction with equally complex glycans.

The microbiome is under constant change influenced by multiple factors such as our dietary habits. In a state of equilibrium (symbiosis), the microbiome is an essential health asset that contributes to natural defenses and mediates biological functions. Microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) can lead to a range of diseases and conditions.

Natural glycans are complex bioactive molecules that promote a diverse healthy microbiome. Glycan diversity encodes biological information used to unlock the microbiome potential. Thus, glycans are the missing link for the efficient management and maintenance of microbiome high diversity to support overall health.

Gnubiotics’ proprietary platform of natural Glycan Microbiome Modulators (GMMs) nurtures, maintains and restores microbiome diversity. GMMs leverage natural principles to deliver all 4 biological functions at once.

Gnubiotics ingredients are 100% natural (no GMO), structurally rich and effective.


Understanding and replicating nature’s mechanisms of action is central to our pipeline. Our approach is empowered by a proprietary R&D toolbox to validate efficacy at the microbiome level.

GMMs are the only candidates in development that bring the natural complexity, diversity and functionality of glycans present in mammals into functional microbiome-centric products to support overall health.

Candidates Indications Discovery Pre Clinical Efficacy Market Authorization
AMObiome™ Companion animal gut health (pets)
Husbandry (production animals)
GBX Infant Nutrition1
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)1
IBD / Crohn’s Disease
GCX Skin care
1. The development objective is to achieve US FDA GRAS status and the EU novel food status.
Product Portfolio

AMObiome, Shaping gut microbiome in pets, naturally.
AMObiomeTM is a natural ingredient similar to oligosaccharides found in animal milk essential for microbiome diversity and crucial for life-long gut health and wellness.

AMObiome’s intelligent design, naturally, Develops, Protects and Restores the microbiome of pets and production animals following natural principles

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GBX, Repurposing the gut microbiome in humans.
GBX is a platform of natural glycans that promote a diverse healthy microbiome, contributing to the strengthening of the gut barrier and supporting the immune system.

GBX is following the GRAS* pathway enabling a broad use spanning from dietary food supplement to medical nutrition.

*Gras Generally Recognized as Safe

GCX, Unleashing the power of skin microbiome.
GCX emulates a natural source rich in glycans. Its design builds and sustains a highly diverse & functional skin microbiome, that is essential for a healthy, regenerated and well-protected shiny skin.


Richard T. Laube
Co-founder and Chairman

Jean-Philippe Kunz
Co-founder & CEO

Yemi Adesokan, PhD
Co-founder & CSO

Bernardo Horta e Costa
Co-founder & CFO

Yong Miao, PhD
Analytics & Development Manager

Romain Wyss, PhD, PMP
Project Manager

Sara Vidal, PhD
Research Scientist, Microbiology


Philippe Steenhout, MD Ped
Director, Medical Affairs

Prof. Dr. Kelly

Prof. Dr. Justin

Prof. Dr. Dirk


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 808639


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