The GENESIS Platform

GENESIS is a revolutionary platform at the intersection of four cutting-edge technologies developed for over 7 years at Gnubiotics. Through rational design of glycan-conjugates, GENESIS tackles unmet needs in oncology and various diseases with unprecedented precision and innovation. By synergizing these disciplines, GENESIS pioneers novel solutions, leveraging the power of AI-driven design to engineer targeted therapies and diagnostics. With its multidimensional approach, GENESIS holds the promise to reshape the landscape of medical research, offering hope and tangible advancements in the fight against complex diseases, ushering in a new era of tailored treatment strategies.

GNU Genesis Platform


Mastered the rational design and development of a series of important biologic therapeutics.


Mastering an end-to-end proprietary technology to produce API and biological therapeutics at a ton scale.

Evolutionary systems biology:

Evolutionary Systems Biology is capable of identifying predictive biomarkers in several core biological fields.

Generative AI:

Mastering the ability to analyze, integrate, and synthesize diverse databases to further predict, discover, and develop new therapeutic opportunities and biomarkers.